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Earthquake Vibration Resistance System for Office Floor and Data Centers

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 Earthquake Vibration Resistant System for Office Floor


Office floor with earthquake vibration resistance system.
Installation does not require large scale construction works. It can be installed not only for new buildings but also for an existing buildings, from a space of just one server rack.

office floor on μ-Solator
Earthquake vibration scale of 7 experiment for a highly raised office floor of 700mm with the system placed under the structure by National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention=NIED

 Product Description


μ -Solator is comprised of a cell sheet which has dimples, about the size of a dime, and sliding sheet with a special polymer resin coating. This is a totally new technology. Cell sheet which has dimples placed every 25mm on a metal sheet of 50cm x 50cm. Sliding sheet slides on this cell sheet.

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Enlarged view of cell sheet
Sliding sheets
Enlarged view of cell sheet, the most important element of the resistance system.
Sliding sheets are secured side by side using tape.


  Servers can be placed on top of the black floor.

Schematic view of vibration resistance system placed on the server room floor.


Sliding sheets are secured side by side by tape and the entire floor moves as one piece.The system has a friction factor of μ=0.08. The vibration on μ-Solator will not exceed 80cm/S2 which is equivalent of scale 5.

It is only 4mm thick. It can be installed, freely avoiding piping and cables. It does not change the height of the floor.It is flexible and can be installed in a short period of time even if it needs to be reconfigured.

It's fixed vibration interval is infinite and it does not synchronize with a long interval earthquake.

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