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Vibration resistant system μ-Solator for libraries and museums.

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 μ-Solator for Museums and Art Galleries



Kohfukuji, Nara, Japan


Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Mie, Japan

The conventional systems are expensive and difficult to apply to sculptures and display cases. However, μ-Solator is suitable and easy to apply simply by placing two sheets of metal under the book shelf and display case. μ-Solator performs satisfactory even in the experiment of scale 7 equivalent three dimensional vibration.

a basic unit of μ-solator


a concrete floor installed mu-solator

a basic unit of μ-solator

  Application for Showcase and Pedestal

μ-Solator is just placed under the showcases or pedestals. And it is just 3mm thick so it almost cannot be seen from the outside.

mie pref. museum

Perspective View




Mie Pref. Art Museum, Japan

mie pref. museum

Mie Pref. Art Museum, Japan



Kohfukuji, Nara, Japan


 Detail of Showcase and μ-Solator

μ-Solator for showcase is attached a base steel plate. This has used for two purposes. First, it is for stabilizing action in case the oblect is light. Also, it is to prevent sliding metal plate to come in contact with floor at time of earthquakes.

mie pref. museum

Details of several cases


 μ-Solator adopts Fail-safe concept.


 Conventional products may cause damage when hit by an earthquake which exceeds their vibration limit. This happens when the system collides with the surroundings and rides over the barrier edges.


 μ-Solator adopts a Fail-safe concept. Even when it is hit by an earthquake exceeding the vibration limit, it simply slides over to the edges.

failsafe in showcase

 Installation for Entire Rooms

If you choose μ-Solator, vibration resistance for entire floor such as exhibision rooms or storage rooms can also apply μ-Solator. Installation will be complated in a few days. (the case of hundreds square meters). Moreover, there is neither restrictions for air-conditioning nor ceiling height.

Isolator for rooms

μ-Solator can be placed directly on floor.


whole room isolation

Cross-sectional View of Two Type


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