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Concrete floor earthquake vibration resistant system μ-Solator

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 Concrete Floor Earthquake Vibration Resistant System


Concrete base can be made vibration resistant by pouring concrete twice !

This system is recommended for a floor where heavy machinery such as forklifts operate. If μ-Solator is installed under the building floor, the application does not require maintenance, relocation of piping or wiring. This application can be permanently in place in the BCP(business continuity plan)..


View of the factory floor application

View of the floor application.
(installed under the floor)

View of the warehouse floor

View of a warehouse floor application.
(installed under the floor)


Product Description

μ -Solator is comprised of cell sheet which has dimples, about the size of a dime, and a sliding sheet with special polymer resin coating. This is a totally new technology. The cell sheet is 50cm x 50cm with dimples on the sheet. Sliding sheet slides on this cell sheet.


View of μ-Solator


Sliding sheets are secured together with tape and move as one piece. Friction factor of μ-Solator is 10% and the vibration on the sheet will not exceed 100gal which is equivalent to vibration scale of 5.

 It's fixed vibration interval is infinite and it does not synchronize with a long interval earthquake.

a concrete floor installed mu-solator