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Product description of μ-SolatorRAE for server rack

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 "μ-SolatorRAE " for Server Rack

 μ-SolatorRAE is optimal for server rack installation

 μ-SolatorRAE is the simplest design on the market.

The most effective anti-vibration measure is vibration resistance.
μ-SolatorRAE is 5mm thick and requires only two sheets of metals.

μ-SolatorRAE is simple in design and can be installed by placing under the server rack. μ-SolatorRAE can make a section of the floor vibration resistant. It can be installed in short period of time. μ-SolatorRAE has been well received as it solves many problems of other conventional products.


product package of RAE


 Securing Wiring Space

It enables wide space for wiring and will not cause problem even hit by an earthquake
wiring space
wiring space

 μ-Solator adopts fail safe concept.


 Conventional products may cause damage when hit by an earthquake which exceeds their vibration limit. This happens when the system collides with the surroundings and rides over the barrier edges.


 μ-SolatorRAE adopts a fail safe concept. Even when it is hit by an earthquake exceeding the vibration limit, it simply slides over to the edges.


fail safe mechanism

 Product specification

Specification of RAE