Vibration Resistant System to be Placed on the Floor

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Vibration Resistance System μ-Solator for the Floor of Factories and Warehouses.

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 Vibration Resistant System to be Placed on the Floor




Flexible panel sheets. The entire factory floor can be vibration resistant.

Precision machinery on the factory floor may be damaged severely if hit by a large scale earthquake. It may lead to long term shut down of operations.
The potential loss could be significant, endangering the continued operation of the company.

Vibration resistant system μ -Solator can be installed with ease and in a short period of time.
μ-Solator is flexible so that it can be reconfigured when floor layout is changed.


μ -Solator partially on the floor

Schematic view of μ -Solator
when applied partially on the floor.

(Mediceo Sapporo Area Logistics Center, Japan)

Schematic view of μ -Solator

Schematic view of μ -Solator
when applied to the entire floor
(Electronics manufacturer in Shizuoka, Japan)


Product Detail

μ -Solator is comprised of a cell sheet which has dimples, about the size of a dime, and sliding sheet with special resin polymer coating. This is a totally new technology.
Cell Sheet which has several different dimples patterns on 50cm x 50cm metal sheet. Sliding sheet slides on this cell sheet.



Sliding sheets are secured together with tape and move as one piece. Friction factor of μ-Solator is 10% and the vibration on the sheet will not exceed 100gal which is equivalent to vibration scale of 5.

μ -Solator is only 3mm thick.μ -Solator can be installed flexibly so that it can be applied on the floor even with pillars, heavy machinery and the various shape of the floor. It is flexible and can be installed in a short period of time even if it needs to be reconfigured.μ -Solator can be retrofitted easily when a building is hit by an earthquake.

Its fixed vibration interval is infinite and it does not synchronize with a long interval earthquake.

Schematic view of μ -Solator
Schematic view of μ -Solator