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This movie trailer shows how μ-Solator works.

 What is μ-Solator?
 Application Examples
 Actual Installations
 Office Floors and Computer Server Rooms
 Factories and Warehouses
 RAE type (For server racks)
 Concrete Floor Type
 For Museums and Art Galleries
 Questions and Where to Buy
 Video Trailers and Experiments

 Actual Installation and Experiment.


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Vibration Experiment for Wine Barrel Rack

at Desaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto Univ.,Oct.4 2010.


Vibration Experiment for Server Racks

at University of California, Berkeley, April 4 thru 12 2012.


Product information
and vibration experiments
Product introduction of earthquake vibration resistant system μ-Solator.
The movie trailer will show vibration experiments and various application cases.



Installation of earthquake vibration resistant system μ-Solator.
This movie shows actual installation of μ-Solator plus explanation.


Vibration Resistance of the World Heritage, Kofukuji

Famous buddist temple in Nara, Kofukuji is well-known by many buddhism sculptures of National Treasure. μ-Solator was applied to them at Feb.18 2011


Construction and Restoration Experiment of Automated Storage Warehouse


at Mediseo Kawasaki Area Logistic Center

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